Monday, October 09, 2006

HOWTO find what network card is installed (PCI)

'Which network drivers to compile into the kernel? ' This has been a common question of mine theme over many years of using Linux. From Slackware of 1996 days to last month when I rebuilt the kernel on my Gentoo Linux server. I don't compile the kernel often, and in the months between it happening or when I bring up a new machine and I didn't remember which adapter I installed the week before, etc.

In the past this brought me to the following
(1) Non-optimal - Open up the computer case, physically inspect the network card
(2) Non-technical - Label the back of the Ethernet Adapter card with the vender/model
(3) Latest - run the command: lspci | grep Ethernet

lspci - List all PCI devices

Note this could also remind you of what video adapter is installed, or any other PCI adapter for that matter.


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