Friday, May 04, 2007

D-link Emulators

Bumped into this because of a LinuxLore browser.

D-link is now providing user interface emulators for many of its products. Not a bad idea in the try-it-before-you-buy-it world. And for many of us out here, we've encountered awful interfaces for some of these consumer level products that have impaired the product's function enough that one wished they never bought it.

Link to D-link Emulators

Interestingly enough, trying out the DCS-950G Wireless Internet Camera's interface on Firefox has shown me there is potentially a bug there. I couldn't log-in.

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Anonymous said...

Have you been able to get windows Firefox to work with the dcs 950G model? If so, how?

Thanks much

Paul Cooley said...

I never actually purchased a 950G. In the end due to a variety of reason I choose to buy a different camera. At the time I wrote this it was in the running, but it lost out to the pan/tilt that the Trendnet IP400 provided (it was on sale).

So short answer: nope never got it working.


Anonymous said...

I think the DCS950G may have got overly negative e-reviews, like really really bad reviews, it works pretty good in low light with night shot on for my purposes, has wpa psk encryption, and I can get decent range. A lot of people claim it shuts down and requires reboot, DOA, and other problems I've yet to encounter.

Anyway, thanks for response (I was deleting old bookmarks and forgot about this post), I put many hours into trying to solve this and found out it is nearly impossible to replicate with firefox lacking active X. I got active X I think to work with but then firefox it would say my password was incorrect everytime and I the DCS950G requires you to have a password so I couldn't remove it from explorer... Somehow Opera browser worked, but I just wanted to have Firefox on the taskbar ... I found a useful plugin that resolved my issue. It is a explorer browser running in a Firefox tab so I don't tempt myself and start using Explorer since it is already open.

IE Tabbed in firefox

I'd really would find pan/tilt that your camera has useful, but that hard wire is a problem since I need wireless connectivity for the camera. When a really affordable, 640x480, 30fps, decent low light, wireless, pan tilt, and wpa encryption camera is available I'd buy it. I'd get it for security and watching my pets.

Paul Cooley said...

The 950G may have gotten some bad reviews. I agree it is tough to find a camera with all the features one would want. Although until there is wireless power, none of these cameras are truly wireless. I am using ethernet-over-power rather than wireless to move the data.

Additionally I think a camera should provide a java and an activex viewer. The world doesn't run on IE alone anymore.

Anonymous said...

Then there are no wireless cell phones (at least that I know of).

I have a feeling we are probably like the early adopters of a hot brand new color television or high def tv.

I honestly didn't expect anything from d-link or any major vendor of these cameras to not work on Firefox.

Alright. Take care, thanks for responding by the way.

Anonymous said...

!@#!#@$@#! micro$oft and D-Link are in bed together!
I can't believe that their interface only works with Win. Not even mac or linux?! I am very sure ms pays D-Link for that. I bought the cam today, only to discover I cannot configure it from my Linux with FF3. I run a whole company and office on Linux, so how are they expecting Linux and Mac users are going to use their webcams?!
Uh. Change our entire operating system, back to virus infested Window$.

You must be kidding me!
Sorry, I just had to let that one out!

Anonymous said...

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