Sunday, March 25, 2007

The ever improving Internet, Mashups and innovations and where to find them listed

In the quest to turn the data into information, many unique ideas as quickly formed when someone integrates two or more internet APIs these days. The marketing phrase Web 2.0 has been used to describe this, but it is news to me that someone has been managing the web releases from a configuration management standpoint.

What can be done with the 'Mashup'?

  • Want to know where Tim Hibbard is? Where's Tim. (I had no idea who he is, but I know where he is) - 3/25/07 8:31 PM. I stand corrected I know a little more about who he is and I infer he has a decent sense of humor now. :-)
  • Local Ski conditions? Ski Bonk. Integrating Google Maps with ski resorts/cameras/etc.
  • Nintendo Wii finder. Wii finder. Search ebay, walmart, target, bestbuy, circuit city and overlay the locations on a google map.
  • Auctions nearby? Find Near By. Like the above, but finds items up for sale on craigslist, ebay, amazon, walmart.
  • Dig through the earth. Dig Here. Have Google maps show you where a hole thru the earth would come out.
  • Birth place of Oscar winners. Oscar Winners. From 1928 - 2006
  • Internet Domains. Domain Tools. A multitude of information about a domain name.
  • Webcams. GooCam. Google Maps integrated with found streaming web cameras.
  • Downgrade your graphics? Ascii Maps. Transform Google Maps images into Ascii
  • Blog value calculator. How much is your blog worth?

As you can tell, there is plenty of ideas -- Several useless, others are entertaining. Programmableweb is registering 3.1 mashups per day. Soon we will need to mashup the mashup listings to add value to that infinite data.

Keywords: Mashups, Web 2.0, programmable web, Web APIs, google maps mashups, technorati mashups, mashup listings.


Anonymous said...

I'm a 27 year old Software Architect for EnGraph in Lawrence, KS. I have two dogs and a live-in girlfriend.

Anything else you want to know about me?

Paul Cooley said...

touche, I stand corrected. I'll update my blog accordingly. Although I am sure millions out there would like to know if you have a blog? And certainly which meal of the day is your favorite.

Anonymous said...

I blog at GeeksWithBlogs and my favorite "meal" would have to be my morning coffee :)

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