Saturday, September 29, 2007

LiveJournal to Blogger or Blogger to LiveJournal or to/from Wordpress blog migration tool (Blog2Blog)

Last year I built a little tool that migrated blogs from LiveJournal to Blogger. It was aptly named lj2blogger. Today is the release of version 2.5

I've recently extended it to be able to move blogs from LiveJournal, Blogger, WordPress and publish to LiveJournal, Blogger, Windows Live Spaces, WordPress. This means you can move your blog to a new blog name or clone it.

Time to rename the tool, subsequently, it is now called Blog2Blog. Possibly further blogging systems will be integrated in later versions.

This is now a .NET 2.0 Application.

Download Blog2Blog ( updated March 9, 2009)

ATTENTION: Noted added Oct, 9, 2008
Users with trouble (0 entries downloaded/exceptions/etc) downloading blogs:

We've identified a bug in the latest google feeds and client libraries. ( for deep details)

Basically as a work-around, you need to put the feed SOURCE-API-URL. To find this you will need to view the html source of your blog and look for the string that will contain "" it will contain a URL like:

That is the URL you'll need for the SOURCE-API-URL or DEST-API-URL

Recently added:
* Integrated the latest GData .NET framework

* Fixed regression in saving journals to disk (empty titles would crash application).Version

* Fixed Blogger fetching of large journals 500 entries or greater
* Added Blogger (only) Label fetching and publishing

* Publishing to Microsoft's live spaces.
* Fetching from and publishing to WordPress.
* Delete All for Wordpress, LiveJournal, Blogger.
* Subject Title fix for Livejournal
* More description in LiveJournal errors.

You liked this application and you'd like to support its author? Feel free to donate:

There is a Blog2Blog Manual included, but the interface is relatively simple. If you are having a problem, please scan through the comments below; many users have discovered the same things and the solutions. If you don't see your problem, please post a comment and send an email to " (at)".

Blog2Blog Manual


This tool migrates a blog from online line Blog systems. It uses the public API of LiveJournal, Blogger, WordPress, and Spaces to extract data and create equivalent entries in a different account.

- Download Journal Entries from LiveJournal, Blogger, or Wordpress
- A simple read-only viewer of downloaded entries
- Publish Journal Entries to multiple online blogs
* upload private entries (it will make them public)
* parse entries and wrap http:// entries with HTML to make them active links
- Delete ALL entries for your destination journal (Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal supported).


The designed usage pattern is below.

Download from source Journal
First, Select a source
1. Enter username (e.g. user1).
2. Enter password (e.g. pass1).
3. Enter source-url (the URL of the blog you wish to download):
4. (optional) if necessary modify the source-api-url of your journal. This is auto-populated with a typical value.
5. Press Fetch Button.

View Entries (optional)
6. Press View Entries Button.
7. Use the Entry Number Dialog to change the entry being viewed.
8. When complete Press the upper right close window (the X).

Save Entries (optional)
1. Press Save Entries
2. Choose the filename, it is an XML file with the extension (*.B2B)
Note: once saved you can load these Entries without downloading from LiveJournal (use the Load Entries button)

Publish to Destination
Next, Select a Destination
9. Enter username (e.g. user1).
10. Enter password (e.g. pass1).
11. Enter dest-url (the URL of the blog you wish to upload):
12. (optional) if necessary modify the dest api-url of your journal. This is auto-populated with a typical value. (if you have a non-upgraded blogger blog take note; for non-upgraded blogs you will need to update the dest-api-url! To find the URL you will have to look at the page source of your journal. See below for more information)
13. (optional) select options you please; publish private entries and/or wrap http:// with html tags and/or Publish Back Dated posts.
14. Press Publish Button.
15. Select the Entries you will to publish (defaults to all entries).

Further instructions (non-upgraded Blogger blogs circa late 2006):
For non-upgraded blogs you will need to find your feed URI.
- To do this you will have to use your favorite browser and type in the URL of you blog (e.g.
- Using your browser you will need to 'View Source'. This differs slightly between browsers.
- In the source look for link rel="" type="application/atom+xml" title="User1 (Atom 1.0)"
- The api-url is the http:// location in the href

Additionally it is not possible to post to an old journal with a new 'google' integrated account (for those of you that have only partially upgraded all your journals). Additionally the publish dates of your livejournal won't be regarded. This is part of the API limitation.

Known issues

· The Application is not multithreaded – The UI refreshes slowly while connected to LiveJournal/Blogger.
· Does not import/export comments
· found 01/02/2007 - defaults for api-url only work with upgraded blogs.
· There are occasional connection problems with the XMLRPC interface to livejournal, but immediately retrying Fetch from Livejournal seems to connect successfully. Just try a couple of times. No harm should be done.

Keywords: Blog migration tool, LiveJournal to Blogger migration, LiveJournal to Blogger conversion, transfer blog to Blogger, Import blogs from LiveJournal into Blogger, lj2blogger, livejournal2blogger, migrate livejournal blogger, Blogger to LiveJournal migration, Blogger to LiveJournal conversion, transfer blog to Livejournal, Import blogs from Blogger into livejournal, blog2blog, migrate blogger livejournal blogger, migrate blog to Microsoft spaces, live spaces, migrate blogger to wordpress, migrate blog wordpress to blogger, migrate blog LiveJournal to Wordpress, migrate blog Wordpress to livejournal, import blog into Wordpress, LiveJournal, Bloggger, Windows Spaces.


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Laura said...

Looking pretty good. You need to add a paypal account for donations. :) or maybe Google will want to buy your tool.

lamaudite said...

Oh goodie!

Managed to get further than I ever could with lj2blogger, but for some reason it still won't fetch all of my 330 posts. Only gets 178 or so. Don't know why. I went to check which post was next and there's nothing in it that should cause any problems. I mean, nothing in that one that wasn't in any of the previous ones that got fetched fine. Any ideas?

Still, thanks a lot.

Paul Cooley said...


Sounds like something I can easily investigate. Let us start up a conversation via email: (at)

Paul Cooley

Anonymous said...

Wish I could export from MS Livespace...

Paul Cooley said...

Unfortunately, the MetaWebLog API that MS has implemented for the Live Spaces programmable access to the journal entries doesn't make this simple. If you have fewer than 20 entries, I could write you a special application. Otherwise, the process has the potential to be destructive (something that would require significant testing if I were to release that to the public).

Jessica said...

I'd love to see a feature added to work with Deadjournal, which is built on the same platform as Livejournal.

Paul Cooley said...


If Deadjournal is using the same codebase as Livejournal, you might just be able to put in your dead journal user/name/blog instead and see if you win.

I don't have an account and it appears they aren't free, so I will let the world at large test this out.


Anonymous said...

Great tool! Thank You, Paul!

DRC said...

This would be the perfect tool for backing up and restoring Blogger blogs if you added support for Blogger Labels (aka ATOM categories).

While many commercial options exist to backup one's blog posts, there aren't any that can effectively RESTORE the posts.

Britney said...

Thank you very much for this!

I've been wanting to delete my Livejournal for quite some time now but I didn't want to lose all my old posts.
Thanks! it works like a charm.

Paul Cooley said...

Great. I am glad it worked for you Britney.

Bunda Henny said...

Thousand thx... i,ve migrated my wordpress to blogspot.

But can i migrate from windows live space to blogspot or wordpress?

Paul Cooley said...

The API provided by spaces is insufficient for programmatic extraction. So currently I've not extended this tool to help you with that. Sorry, maybe in the future it will be extended.

Mrs N said...

Worked like a charm! Thanks so much!

Matthew said...

Hi, I found your tool and used it to fetch all of my livejournal posts. It did, and it said it published them, but only 50 appear now.

I believe this is because of a rule in place that is supposed to protect against abuse, keeping the limit to 50 posts per day. Is there some way to get around this? Otherwise, this will go on for 35 more days for me! I am importing 751 posts.

Paul Cooley said...


Indeed it is true that there is a 50 posts per day limit and in fact, yes there is something you can do. You can appeal to a staff member at blogger for temporary lifting of this limit. Please read:
for the details and who to email.

This would probably be the best way to go.

Paul Cooley

Amanda said...

Hello Paul,

This is a great tool. I've successfully used this to transfer posts from blogger-blogger blogs, but when I try to fetch posts from Wordpress, I get this error:

XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.

Is there any other way to import from Wordpress, perhaps by using a different URL structure?

With this aside, I'm really impressed with your tool. This is the only thing I've discovered so far which has the potential to successfully backup and restore a Blogger blog.

Do you mind if I post about this on my own blog (

Thank you and best wishes,

Paul Cooley said...


I am glad you find this tool useful.

I'll contact you via email for more information.

Of course you are welcome to share your experiences with this tool.

Ian Aleksander Adams said...

This is awesome, and seriously made my day (month, life whatever)


SYM said...

hi. i have a problem with xmlrpc of, same as amanda.
my e-mail:

Terminus said...

Found your tool very useful, thank you!
Yet I can`t download my livejournal. Blog2blog gets maximum of 200 entries (out of total 699) and lj server kicks it off reasoning that "your client repeats requests, fix it or else" - smth like that.
Sooo, is there a way to limit post-per-minute speed of downloading?

Paul Cooley said...


Most likely this is a problem with blog2blog that is revealed through a special case of your journal entries.

Lets begin a conversation via at so that we can work together to find a solution.

blair said...

hi paul,

i hope u can come up with a version that can transfer your windows spaces blog to live journal or wordpress

im getting tired of spaces coz i cant really customize the look of my blog..


Craig said...

Paul! You are the man. I've been looking for a solution like this forever. Thank you so much!!

Stepterix said...

What a brilliant tool. Works like a dream.

Thank you

Nick said...

Incredible. At first it didn't work, but that was because I dragged/dropped the files out of Winzip instead of extracting to a folder.

It works perfectly. You are awesome for making this. Thank you!!!

MadMazoku said...

It's very useful tool. Thanks for good work.

But I wonder, if it is possible to add RSS file or channel as one of the sources and destinations?

Paul Cooley said...

RSS feeds could be an additional feature. However, due to the complications of fetching all the entries this way it isn't high on the priority list, sorry. There is less bang to the buck.

David Zetland said...

Worked for me (400+ entries transferred to two different blogs). Suggestions:

1) transfer comments!
2) save config (p/w, account location and name?)

You guys rock!

Andrew said...

Thanks for this application, worked first time. One nice feature would be the ability to save account details, but that is just nitpicking.

Anonymous said...

I get an odd error when I try to Publish my downloaded LJ entries:

Exception: Index out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection

(I was able to publish without incident up until last week.)

Skippetty said...

looks like an awesome program! looking forward to when you can export from live spaces as I'd like to move to blogger instead... but with more than a year's worth of entries... a program like this would be better than manually transferring info. please would you work on it? thanks!

Curd Rice Aurora said...

Really great app. I was in blogger, migrated to wordpress and after about 3 months wanted to go back. Found your app and the re-import was a breeze. I second laura's comment. I am willing to donate!!! thanks a lot.

Paul Cooley said...


Sorry to hear about your recent problems, if you'd like to open up a conversation about it via email we can work on a resolution: (at)

Ian Aleksander Adams said...

trying to get my entries from my old lj to my new lj (got about 3737 from 2001-2006) and it gives me an error that looks like this:

"Connection to LiveJournalDest Failed. Please try again. Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

I'm sending you an email, but I figured I'd post it up here in case anyone else is having a similar problem.

miss write said...

Hi. Would you be making a mac app version of this? :)

Willow said...


I used this last year to move from LJ to Insanejournal and Blogger.

I'm currently using it as a way to back up my blogs.

My question is, is there something in the code making it livejournal specific? Because I've run into problems tonight after having the brilliant idea to use it as a restorable backup for my lj clone over at Insanejournal.

Willow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul Cooley said...

Willow, If insanejournal supports the lj api then in theory it should work. Although, I've never tried it.

GiLli said...

Hi There. I'm having problem migrating from wordpress to blogger.can u help me? GTalk maybe?

Paul Cooley said...


Lets begin a conversation via at so that we can work together to find a solution.

ramnathk said...

great great tool! lemme know if i can help you out on supporting vox as well.

apoorv said...

Great utility.
Any way that someone could possibly suggest so that i do not loose my comments? (i want to move from self hosted wordpress to blogger)

goldenrail said...

Worked like a charm! I had to move the comments and extra things myself, but this tool saved me so much time. Thank you!

L E T A U R E A U said...


I am trying to move my wordpress blog to blogger. Data gets loaded well. When I finally hit the publish button, i get an error
'Connection to BloggerDest Failed. Execution of request failed.'

Any pointers? Any help would be great.

NaxShou said...

Hi Mr. Cooley
How if i want to import my blog entries from "Windows Live Spaces" to Blogger. AS i can see i cant do so with ure app: blog2Blog :(

Paul Cooley said...

L E T A U R E A U,
Lets start an email conversation about your trouble, please fire me an email at: at


Paul Cooley said...


Sadly those people at Live Spaces didn't provide an API for easy blog extraction, so the tool doesn't do that. Sorry.


Vanessa said...

Thank you, this worked like a charm :)

Jovan said...

Hi there, I'm getting an access denied error with Spaces. It fetches from Blogger fine, but doesn't connect with Live Spaces. What could be wrong? My password is right..

Paul Cooley said...


We are having this coversation via email. But for all other in a similar situation:

The Spaces username/password is somewhat confusing. You can read about it in the link below, but the summary is that you need to enable email publishing, you need to pick a 'secret', and then your username is the spaces name, and the password is the secret you typed.

Anonymous said...

Wow dude I love you. i've been trying to find a way to transfer over...without having to cut and copy crap over! :) You are the man!

Musical said...

What do you mean?

Chris Wiegand said...

I can't seem to post my downloaded LJ entries up to Blogger. I just upgraded my old 2003 account from a blogger one to a google one (already had a google account just not with blogger). I give it the right url (, and I override the dest-API-URL with the one from my blogger's page source, but it still fails with:

Connection to BloggerDest Failed. Please try again. \n Exception: Execution of request failed: \n While posting entry: 1 - Starting out

(the \n's are CR/LFs in the actual dialog). I've double-checked my username/password (and it was failing the verifying check when it was wrong, so it appears not to be that problem). Do you have any suggestions? Or is it possible for me to run the source code version so I can debug it (I'm a c# and programmer myself). Even if I can't import into Blogger, just being able to reliably backup my LJ is great - most of the other tools have crapped out for me in the past.

pradeep said...

Unable to download the application... check it please

Paul Cooley said...

Chris Wiegand,

Two things: (1) sorry I've been very busy in the past weeks and haven't gotten back to you


(2) Please start up a conversation with me at at and we can do some next steps to get to the bottom of your problem.

Paul Cooley said...


Sorry, the site hosted by 1and1 is having an outage they promised me this morning it would be back online within 24 hours or Aug 20th, 2008.

Paul Cooley

anonimiss said...

hey, i'm in the process of cloning my wordpress blog into blogger and am excited with all the positive reviews of your application. unfortunately, i'm not able to download the same!! please help.

Jakki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jakki said...

Was able to download the program today and it worked like a charm! This is amazing and I will be sure to pass the word. Of course with Blogger only allowing 50 posts a day without word verification, it will take me a few days to complete the transfer but it's sooo worth it! Saves me a ton of work. Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I downloaded latest version and it can't fetch posts from my blogger blog.

conjuncte said...


anonimiss said...

finally managed the download today, and am i impressed! it's an amazingly easy to use application, and I'm totally smitten! thanks a ton for developing the same.

arundati said...

paul - thanks for being a lifesaver....i just moved using this tool and i cant believe it was so simple.....thanks again....i have some questions
1- i can see only 50 of my posts though while publishing it accepted all. what does this mean?
2- do i have to repeat this process to get all my posts??
please help...thanks in advance

Paul Cooley said...


(1) You've hit the rate limit at Blogger, only 50 posts per day via the API. Only the first 50 posts are accepted.

(2) The only way to get around this limit is discussed in this post:

You can request from the kind people at Google a temporary increase for this limit.

Charlie said...

This thing worked like a charm moving Blogger posts over to LJ. Thanks a million!

Paul Cooley said...

Users with trouble downloading blogs:

We've identified a bug in the latest google feeds and client libraries. ( for deep details)

Basically as a work-around, you need to put the feed SOURCE-API-URL. To find this you will need to view the html source of your blog and look for the string that will contain "" it will contain a URL like:

That is the URL you'll need for the SOURCE-API-URL or DEST-API-URL

RedCairo said...

I am so happy to find this. But so frustrated.

I very carefully (and even went to blogger and double-checked) have entered my info to 'fetch'. It looks, seems to find it, but then says "Download from BloggerSource Complete (0 entries found)". I chose a small blog with about 50 posts and a few comments, to test this on. I wanted to view the entries, choose SOME, and export those to my WordPress blog. Right now I *manually* collect/copy posts from a variety of blogs to one main one, which sucks for comments lost in transfer. I did the initial import with wordpress, but even though it says it only imports posts it didn't already get, it lies. It re-imports ALL posts. And makes all their tags into categories. It's a nightmare to clean up even on a tiny blog. Let alone from six blogs one with a few years of history. So your awesome and clean little utility could save me!!

But I don't understand why it is not fetching anything from my blog. I've checked the login, password and address repeatedly (though I use this regularly, I know them well). I would be happy to share my personal details privately if it helped with troubleshooting. I will donate something if you point the way. This is an awesome little tool... I think... if I could get it to work for me :-)....!


Paul Cooley said...


Two things. Please read the comment immediately above yours. It relates to a recent bug in Blogger where we have a temporary workaround.

If this doesn't work, please start up a conversation via email: (at)

Paul Cooley

RedCairo said...

That worked! Oh my gosh! This is so great!!

I don't suppose there's any way to get 'comments' with this? I would donate to your developing that! :-)


Paul Cooley said...

I've not had the time to extend this app to handle the different comment models. Sorry RedCairo. Probably not in the immediate forecast given my day job and family life.

Vikas SN said...

Awesome Software dude
Keep it up

pradeep said...

awesome software buddy....
ur doing gr8 work..keep it up..

Alec Thomas said...

Great application. My GF is completely sick of Blogger, and very eager to move to Live Journal.

blog2blog almost works, but unfortunately doesn't migrate categories/tags :(. You would have two fans if support for this were added :)

Prosti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
adriana said...

this thing is great!! thank you so much for making this!! I'm way too lazy to copy my stuff by hand over to blogger and i want to have both available to me! i'm so happy that you made this and it works perfectly!! thank you!!

Paul Cooley said...


I got your comment about troubles. Please start up a conversation with me at at and we can do some next steps to get to the bottom of your problem.


Craig Cripps said...

This looks like an excellent tool. LJArchive works perfectly for backing up my Livejournal entries and comments, but I'd love to transfer all of the posts from my old journal over to my new one.

However, what does "Additionally the publish dates of your livejournal won't be regarded." mean? If I do this transfer will all the posts be posted under today's date?

Craig Cripps said...

Never mind. I tried it and it worked fine, with all entries backdated correctly. Ta!

Ann-Therese said...

Thank you so very much, Paul.
You have saved my 1429 posts WITH pictures. I am really greatful for the work you did.

admin said... a blogger.......sometimes login saying invlalid credential.. is it possible u give a topion to login ,or nto,,bcoz u can backup...without logging into blogger...using the rss feed...

so if u can add that feature up it would be great....and also is it possible to restore to wordpress from backup in atom or blogml format???or xml format???

mail me ur reply to,,

if interested in taggin my site in urs .do mail me...ill add up in my blogroll too

hOLLIANN said...

Worked awesome. You should post your tool on Blurb. Their blogger feature is broken, and as a workaround I used your tool to convert to live journal, and then uploaded to blurb. Saved TONS of time...Loved it!

dave said...

I'm dying to use this for the purposes of converting my blog to a book but I get an install error. Downloaded the zip file. Double clicked on setup.exe and get a message saying "Cannot download the application. The application is missing required files. Contact application vendor for assistance."

Any ideas?

Bear Creek Mama said...

This is a really cool thing that you've created! However I am only a little savvy and I can't for the life of me find my blog's html source on blogger! I got 0 entries and was attempting your fix. Help!

Paul Cooley said...


My first guess about your setup.exe not running correctly is that you've not unzipped the zip and are just browsing in the zip?

Paul Cooley

Paul Cooley said...

Bear Creek Mama,

On your blogger blog:
Right-click on the web page and select the View Source option.

Search for the string "" and you'll be on the right track.

Paul Cooley

Bear Creek Mama said...

Thanks Paul - I never did find "service post" but I found the html code and was able to make it work! Thanks again!
I'm hoping to transfer my blog so that I can make a blurb book!

dave said...

Actually I've unzipped the file and saved the contents in a new folder on my desktop.


Paul Cooley said...


It sounds like you are having an a-typical problem. You could try re-downloading and unzipping. If that doesn't work, then we'll need to figure out what is different on your system then one that this installs correctly on. There are a variety of possibilities -- possibly .NET Frameworks 2.x isn't installed.

If you have some additional information about your system (OS, etc); feel free to open up a conversation with me at (at)

dave said...

Got it to work. Didn't like being saved on the desktop for some reason. Thanks for the help.

Paul Cooley said...


I am glad you found the solution!


Amy said...

This worked like a charm. Thank you so much for sharing!

CrankyBeach said...

This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I only wish it could import the comments too; but hey, I can live without the comments!

My saga, in brief... I have had a Movable Type blog for 4 years, hosted on a friend's site. For various reasons, she might be shutting down the site, so I've been researching possible alternatives.

I can import from MT to Wordpress with all comments intact... but I can't fiddle with the template, and I am rather picky about the look of my site.

I can fiddle with the templates in Blogger and modify the HTML, but apparently could not import entries into Blogger.

Until now. All I'll have to do is export from MT, import into Wordpress, and then take it from there to Blogger. Again, I can live without the old comments.

You. Rock. :)

clara said...

I realy NEED a mac app version of this :), ot sounds wonderfull

Allyson said...

So does this not work on a Mac? I can't figure it out...

Paul Cooley said...

This is a windows only application, sorry.

Anonymous said...

I am officially in love with you!

NoNi said...

Worked as magic... Thank you for sharing... Do you mind if I put your link on my site?

Paul Cooley said...

Go for it, you may link as you please :)

Dawn said...

Perhaps I'm just Linux-handicapped but I need to use this tool to migrate 7 years of livejournal to blogger. Is this really the program I need to use? I only see instructions for Windows users...or perhaps I'm blind too!

Paul Cooley said...


This is client software that is built for windows. Thus there are no instructions for other OSes.


Caiwangqin said...

Thank you for your effort, but can you support proxy to across GFW for Chinese mainland people?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog to blog tool. Unfortunately I have run into something I can't get around. I get an error when I try to install, it indicates that the application cannot be started and to contact the vendor.

I am attempting to create a Christmas gift of my blogger blog and am running into all kinds of difficulty because Blurb no longer supports blogger. So to make the long story short, I am trying to migrate a copy from blogger to Livejournal so that I can use blurb.

Any hints on this process would be appreciated!

Thanks Eric

If you are willing to get into an email discussion my email address is

Jelina said...

same exact problem as previous comment. cannot start application, please contact application vendor. You can email me at

Anonymous said...

Um...I downloaded it but there were many things within that folder...where do I go to first after I download it?

imbritney said...

This is a great feature! I did run into an error though. I am also trying to transfer my blogger account to LiveJournal so that I can slurp it into blurb. (would be nice if they fixed the slurp). I am able to install the application fine, and I can even import the entries from blogger. When I go to publish to LiveJournal, it successfully publishes entries #1 & #2, but when it gets to #3, it has an error message:
"Connection to LiveJournalDest Failed. Please try again.
"Exception: Server returned a fault exception: [200] Client error: Missing required argument(s)
While posting entry: ***hidden for privacy***"
I can send you details if that helps of where my blog is and what the tag ID was. I did read your notes and updated the SOURCE-API-URL to include the Blog ID Number, but still didn't work.
Any help you can give me would be great!!

Paul Cooley said...


You'll need to run the setup.exe after extracting the zip file.


Courtney said...

How do you know your source-API-URL?

When I click Fetch I get this error:
Connection to WordPressSource failed. Please try again. Exception: Not found.

What am I doing wrong?

Paul Cooley said...


Lets start up a conversation via my support email. I've heard of some encoding problems that we don't have a handle on.

Email me at: at

Paul Cooley

Paul Cooley said...


Typically you should be able to just type (copy/paste)your blog url in the source-URL. e.g:

If you continue to have troubles please email: at


veselujm said...

wow!!!man you ROCK!!!


Sir Winston Thriller said...

I'm stuck on the 50 posts a day limit, and haven't heard back from Google about a requested increase. Is it possible to save the converted LJ posts as Blogger posts, and then import through the Blogger import mechanism?

Paul Cooley said...

The 50 post limit is tough to get around. I'd recommend re-sending your email to the Blogger folks, they are usually pretty good; but Christmas holidays could be slowing them down?

su! said...

hi!i think the tool is genius but whenever i try to publish (after getting from wordpress to move to blogger) i get : Connection to BloggerDest failed.please try again.Exception:Not verified

please help!

Paul Cooley said...


This is a common problem for people with new blogger accounts, there needs to be an account verification stage. One way to be sure your account is already setup is by trying to manually post a test entry in your new blogger blog -- and then delete it :).


K said...

Paul - I didn't read the comments yet - but I'm sadly assuming that this is a tool that you download and run from your own computer, not from your site? So I further assume it's not available for MAC users? I want to do this to make a blurb book, as they seem only to be able to work with LiveJournal these days, which is not my software. I hate to bother you with such a stupid question, but I gotta.

Paul Cooley said...

K, khere is no Mac support. This is a client application, yes -- not a web service/site.

K said...

No MAC support. I figured. Shoulders slumped. And it sounded so lovely . . .

Loni said...


The Maestro said...

I was having this same problem
"When I go to publish to LiveJournal, it successfully publishes entries #1 & #2, but when it gets to #3, it has an error message:
"Connection to LiveJournalDest Failed. Please try again.
"Exception: Server returned a fault exception: [200] Client error: Missing required argument(s)
While posting entry: ***hidden for"
I figured out the problem. I opened up the B2B file which is an xml file and searched for the entry it was having a problem with. The entry just below it had no body and just had a (sory can't put the tag in) (less than sign)body /(greater than) tag. I erased that and it then processed again until it hit another one that the post right below was blank with a body / tag. I searched the document for all of the blank body tags, deleted them and it uploaded fine after that. So my guess is the blogs don't like blank posts. Hope this helps.

Paul Cooley said...

Thanks for the information Maestro

roma said...

nice! tnank you!

blueloon said...

hi, excellent tool, just what I've been looking for! I've been moving my livejournal to blogger with great ease at the max limit of 50 posts/24 hrs. the only issue that's a little unfortunate is that paragraph spacing isn't preserved in the transition, so my blogger posts are all one large paragraph.

babastudioPrague said...

Thanks SO much for this. It works beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Great tool, and it worked fine in fetching from my blogspot blog, but stalled when I tried to publish to my Windows Spaces blog.
Here's the error message:
Connectionto SpacesDest Failed . . .
Exception: Server returned a fault exception: [3001] Access Denied

Any suggestions?
Bob Mims

. said...

hello paul, I'm really glad i found your migration tool, saved me a lot of time.. but i realized the eventual result doesn't include formatting.. is there something wrong i've done?

. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul Cooley said...

The HTML styling isn't something I paid particular attention on, rather the data. So your probably did everything just right and it wasn't preserved.

Dan Martin said...

Hey Paul,

Excellent little utility. I really appreciate it. I'm another who would love to be able to back up comments too, but I certainly understand your explanation of having a life. . . ;{)

I am curious about one thing. Is there a particular reason that you chose to install it in C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\LocalSettings\Apps rather than C:\ProgramFiles like most of us geeks would expect? It seems like an odd path choice, at least for a non-programmer such as me.

Don - said...

Paul, I've read the stuff on username and secret for wordpress to livespace but it is still giving me the error message "Connection to SpacesDest failed. Exception: Server returned a fault exception: [3001] Access Denied. Should the username be the space name or the whole space name url? It hasnt worked with just the spacename as the username and the username only allows me to enter the spacename of whatever spacename url i have listed

spoonyang said...

The first 50 entries I migrated worked beautifully, but now I'm getting "Connection to BloggerDest Failed. Please try again. Exception: Execution of request failed: while posting entry: 87...."

I don't understand what's going on, now.

Anonymous said...

thank you, it's a wonderful application! (:

Deedee said...

There comes the MAGIC!
Thank you for your efforts!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! Wordpress is currently experiencing errors when importing from Blogger (Google accounts won't grant access)and I could not figure out a way around it until I came across your tool and it worked PERFECTLY. Thank you.


jeelchristine said...

This is a best tool I have searched, but why does it always say "Connection to BloggerDest Failed.” It doesn't work with me. Can you please help me on this...

Paul White said...

Thanks for this, it worked a treat. My only concern is that now I have transferred my data from wordpress to blogger, can I now delete my wordpress site? I ask as each tome I load up a story from blogger it says transferring data from my url at wordpress?

Cheers, Paul

Pam Bachorz said...

This is an awesome tool. Thank you for making it available--just sent you a donation via PayPal. Would be really cool if this imported directly from LJ to Squarespace, but I was able to at least to LJ->Blogger->Squarespace!

Paul Cooley said...

Thanks Pam

Sanskar said...

This is really a very nice tool. What I was trying for days with google open source app. Your tool has done it in 2 seconds. I transferred my 360 blog to wordpress, as it cant be transferred to blogger. Since I am not comfortable with wordpress I have transferred tht worpress blog to blogger using your tool. Only thing is that it didnt import comments as you have mentioned in your post. Please do tell me when you will fix tht bug. My blog is here now

Sanskar said...

Hey one more thing I have forgotten to add, Yahoo 360 is closing and people are worried how to save their blogs. Wordpress have the tool to import the blog with comments, but blogger doesnt have yet. Can you develop something to help millions of yahoo 360 users like me?

Фотограф said...

thats work very well!
thank you :)

Rizwan Asif said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Worked like a charm man... Thanks for sharing.. Any hope for importing comments?

NetDef said...

You so totally rock!

Your tool -- Blog2Blog -- just saved me a lot of heartache . . . thanks so very much for sharing this with the world.

Stem Cell Blog said...

My wordpress blog was suspended for some unknown reason. I am having trouble getting in touch with them. I was able to download the blog as an xml file. Is there a way to upload the xml file using your application? I want to import into a Blogger blog.

Paul Cooley said...

This tool doesn't take generic XML as an input. It does generate (save) and load a specific XML file. If you transform it into that format you might just be set.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Jess said...


Hi I was just wondering, is it possible to use B2B to transport entries from an LJ blog to an LJ community? I used the different API URL for LJ communities but I haven't had any luck so far.


Sabby said...

Brilliant program.
Thank you so much.
If only it converted comments too :(

Anonymous said...

"The first 50 entries I migrated worked beautifully, but now I'm getting "Connection to BloggerDest Failed. Please try again. Exception: Execution of request failed: while posting entry: 87...."

I don't understand what's going on, now."....

I quoted this post because I'm having the same problem as well. I sent an e-mail to support hoping you can help me solve the problem.


Anonymous said...

I figured out my problem. You're brilliant. This program of yours saved me.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

@sk said...

Hi, and thanks for a great tool. Can you, please, help me with the following problem. When trying to import LiveJournal blog I get following error:
"Failure to get all entries from Livejournal.
I only fetched items earlier than date 11/30.2008 4:31:20PM
You may want to review the entris and publish at your discretion
XmlRpcStruct from LiveJournal is unexpected. Expecting a count of 1 in base item"
After that no entries at all are imported from LiveJournal? any ideas what might cause it and how to bypass it?

Thanks in advance, Alex.

wegaro said...

Thank you very mucho!!! I really appreciate your help. This tool is awesome! =) Thanks! =)

Lolo said...

Hi, I'm having a good bit of problems trying to get my Deadjournal to transfer over. I'm thinking the api url might be different from livejournal, but I can't figure out what it would be. When I try everything with the deadjournal server in the source url, I get an invalid username error. Help would be super appreciated :)

Dystopatica said...

I also get the following error:
"Failure to get all entries from Livejournal.
I only fetched items earlier than date 11/30.2008 4:31:20PM
You may want to review the entris and publish at your discretion
XmlRpcStruct from LiveJournal is unexpected. Expecting a count of 1 in base item"
However it appears the date changes to the date you created your LJ, in my case 2003.

Any ideas?

Ankhezar said...

Great app, but I have the same problem as mentioned above.

"Failure to get all entries from Livejournal.
I only fetched items earlier than date 07.07.2003 8:26:53
You may want to review the entris and publish at your discretion
XmlRpcStruct from LiveJournal is unexpected. Expecting a count of 1 in base item"

Any chance you are still supporting this app and can help?

Paul Cooley said...

Dystopatica, Ankhezar -- it appears that Livejournal likely changed something fundamental in its api. Currently I don't have time in Feb. 2010 to look into it.

Amy said...

face the same problem too.

but there's any other way which i dunno u wanna do it or not. (longer way i suppose)

i created a wordpress acc.
then, xport my LJ to

then use the B2B thinggy to import and export my blog from to blogger. :)

Chloe said...

Hello This is the best tool ever, but i encounter a problem when i try to fetch my current wordpress blog. B2B cannot fetch the article after tag. Does anyone have any idea what cause this? Thanks.

Charlotte said...

WOW - thank you so much. I am not a programmer and this worked instantly. Thank you for helping me try out the monetization and ad features that blogger offers.

enozdrja said...

LiveJournal blog does not want to be fetched:
"Failure to get all entries from Livejournal.
I only fetched items earlier than date 03/25/2010 1:24:33AM
You may want to review the entris and publish at your discretion
XmlRpcStruct from LiveJournal is unexpected. Expecting a count of 1 in base item"

Gazzamm said...

I'm getting the same problem.
Screen dump is on an email to your support address.



Paolo said...

Hello, I was happy to find your app to move my blog from Wordpress to Blogger but whenever I try to fetch I get an error message saying that it cannot connect to the Wordpress server. I would be so grateful if you could tell me what's causing this.

Christy said...

As another user commented, I am having the same problem (except with a different date):

"LiveJournal blog does not want to be fetched:
"Failure to get all entries from Livejournal.
I only fetched items earlier than date 03/25/2010 1:24:33AM
You may want to review the entris and publish at your discretion
XmlRpcStruct from LiveJournal is unexpected. Expecting a count of 1 in base item" "

twistedheaven said...

I am getting the same message that livejournal. i only fetched items earlier than date 5/9/2006 11:41 am. You may want to review the entries and publish at your discretion etc...

what can i do to be able to just migrate the blogs for this month only from LJ to blogspot?

Liz said...

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Vetal said...

Thank you very much for your program, it is very helpfull!

And yes, the problem persists with exporing the LJ entries: "Failure to get all entries from Livejournal [...]"
But to fix it is a matter of an hour or two, consider testing.

XmlRpcStruct now contains two items. The second contains all the data and was not changed. So it means that all the entries are successfully downloading on the client, but there is need to update the check "if (ljentries.Count == 1)" and skip the first record. I have decompiled the program with reflector and managed to process LJ data and publish it on Blogger using the visual studio.

iLexxx said...

Thank you! Thank you!
I don’t have money to donate, but I want to tell you THANK YOU!

Kristie D said...

When I try to extract the setup.exe file, I get this

Error Extracting Zip
The system cannot find the path specified

any ideas? : (

Magha said...

Why do I feel your article is just incomplete and it surely is not appealing to me? How will it convince the other people…? You’ve got to do something with this problem of yours and try to do well before you lose your fan followers too.


Talitha said...

Hi, I 'fetching' the posts from my current wordpress blog, but it only pulls up 10 of my posts (I only have 42 but would like them all moved if possible)
Can you help with this?


Jordi Català said...

I'm trying to fetch with livejournal to export it to blogger, but it just says that the livejournal server is not responding. Do you know what can I do? Thanks!

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Anna said...

Thank you for creating this tool!
It worked wonderfully for importing into a personal Livejournal account. However, it does not work on Livejournal communities.

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willy said...

i can't fetch my blogger entries to live journal and it says connection to blogger souce failed please try again
exception : captha required
can you help thx

wordpress theme designer said...

Very good tool, thanks for posting.

Dmitry said...

Does blog2blog support checking if the post is already published? What happens if I pull the post twice? Alternatively blog2blog may maintain the "published" flag for posts which have been already pulled.

It would be also nice, if it can support filtering of posts by date ranges (e.g. "everything earlier than 15.10.2010") and also the custom footer, e.g. "This post was originally published at WorldPress <link to original post>".

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